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This is the most advanced smoke grenade yet; developed around a military grade ignition system which we call the WIRE PULL™ smoke grenade. It’s simple, effective and produces a high volume of smoke for approximately 60-90 seconds.

This Smoke Grenade is ideal for paintball and airsoft game scenarios where cover is sparse & the opposition may have the upper hand. Deploy this smoke grenade and you can flip the tables creating cover and obscuring the opposition’s visibility.

Once you have removed the protective cap, pull the ring sharply to the side of the unit and let the grenade go to work.

Available in our full range of 9 colours with new colours in development, Enola Gaye offer you the ultimate tools to launch your tactical assault.

Originally developed for Paintball & Airsoft Games our smoke is now used in many different industries such as Film & TV Production, Combat Training, Fire Training Exercises, Real First Aid Training & Professional Photography. 

Quantity: Discounted 5-Pack
Effect: Cold-Burning Smoke Grenade with Pull-Wire Ignition. Emits 20,000 cuft of dense Black smoke for 120 seconds. Excellent for Paintball, Airsoft or for Special Effects usage in Film/TV.
Dimensions: 130mm X 40mm
Weight: 120 g